South Carolina vs. Missouri: Staff Predictions


As we prepare for South Carolina vs. Missouri, we don’t have a celebrity picker; it’s just the four of us. So let’s get right to it. Who did the staff pick to win the big SEC East matchup tomorrow? (You’re welcome to join the fun on Facebook and Twitter.)

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Sydney Hunte: Gamecocks

That loss to Indiana last week will be hard for the Tigers to get over, as that’s a game you simply have to win if you want to consider yourself a contender. If they couldn’t get it done against the Hoosiers at home, there’s no reason to think that they’ll come away with this one against a much better South Carolina team. Then again, the Gamecocks have been playing to the level of lesser opponents, so it might not be surprising to see a close call.


think home field advantage will play out as South Carolina will be excited to be back at Williams-Brice. Also I think this will be the breakout game for the Gamecocks rushing offense, and the defense will continue to improve this week.

Tradd Jones: Gamecocks
It’s no secret: we are a totally different team at home. Our defense is still showing strides of getting better and with GameDay in town, it sets up another crazy scene at Willy-B Saturday night. I think our team responds similar to the Georgia game and we have a strong defensive game.

Brad Leitzsey: Gamecocks
South Carolina must stop the slant route from Mizzou if they want to win this game. Mizzou, like A&M, will try to spread the Gamecocks’ D, while the Gamecocks should see continued success offensively. It will be a close game until the clock expires as Carolina should score 30-plus; expect a 7-10 point win late.