South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt: Key Matchup


As we approach South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, the game could be a bit difficult in finding a key match up. Vanderbilt has a ton of inexperience and not a whole lot of players that people know about. So with that being said, and riding the wave in from last weekend (hopefully), I think I can muster up a match up that could prove to be essential for the Gamecocks.

Dylan Thompson vs. the Vanderbilt secondary.

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Like I stated above, there aren’t a whole lot of names people have heard on this team. I picked this matchup because of the youth and inexperience in the secondary for Vanderbilt. Already dropping two of the first three games, they didn’t only lose them, they were throttled while giving up a ton of points being outscored 78-10. The Commodores finally got into the win column, narrowly escaping UMass with a 34-31 win on a late missed field goal by the UMass kicker. In total, Vanderbilt has been outscored 109-44 and has given up 832 net pass yards in their three games, with 465 of them being against the lesser talent of Temple and UMass. Dylan has thrown for 903 yards and 8 touchdowns thus far and should be licking his chops, especially after last weekend’s performance.

I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say it will be “easy” because any conference road game will be tough, but as long it isn’t an overlooking type attitude and there is some intensity, it should prove to be a fairly successful night for Thompson and the Gamecocks offense.

My prediction: I can see Dylan throwing for around 350 yards and 2-3 scores. I’m sure we would all like it if he played good enough to be sat down late and see some action from our backup guys. At least that’s what I hope.