South Carolina vs. Georgia: Staff Predictions


The guys have their picks in for tomorrow’s game between the South Carolina Gamecocks vs. the Georgia Bulldogs. Will it be the Gamecocks getting an early edge in the division race, or will it be the Bulldogs heading back to Athens with a W?

Sydney Hunte: Georgia

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I don’t know, but I just have a bad feeling about this one. Obviously, the key will be to stop

Todd Gurley

, but you also have to take into account the fact that the Bulldogs have a pretty decent quarterback in

Hutson Mason

. I’m not confident in this defense holding up so much through the game, and while I think

Mike Davis

will do well, I’m going to have to give this one to the visitors.

The Gamecock defense makes a statement and the Brice will be bouncing. Whether the Gamecocks admit it or not, they know they can’t lose to the Dawgs since they beat those other guys. I think the defense will try to make Georgia as one dimensional as possible and load the box. Like the last game vs UGA at the Willy-B, gang tackling and swarming defense will be key. I don’t believe we will have much of an issue moving the ball against the Dawgs weak secondary, but can the offense stay on the field long enough to keep Gurley and company off the field?

Chris Carey: Carolina
South Carolina still has something to prove and I think Georgia is going to think it’ll be easy after what they saw from USC against A&M. Defense will rise to a new level and Georgia won’t be able to overcome the Williams Brice advantage.

Brad Leitzsey: Georgia
From what the Gamecocks have shown defensively so far this season, they will have a difficult time stopping UGA’s monster RB corps. Gurley should get 100 plus yards on a sloppy, unproven USC D-line. Carolina will get yards through the air as Thompson will be able to have a good day passing. It’ll be closer than the experts think but UGA should win by a touchdown.

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