Gamecocks vs. Texas A&M: Steve Spurrier’s Game Week Press Conference Recap


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It’s odd to have a South Carolina Gamecocks game week press conference on a Sunday, but with the team playing Texas A&M on Thursday, things like that come with the territory. Nevertheless, the media convened to hear Steve Spurrier give his thoughts on the upcoming game in an over 25-minute media session.

–First off, Spurrier heaped some praise on the job A&M has been doing in bringing in players, but did note one similarity between his team and the Aggies.

–Going into this game, there will be a little unique situation on the starting lineup on defense.

Doubtful that two brothers have started together, like Spurrier said, but it’s great to see the Dixons get their shot.

–What about Dylan Thompson? There’s been much made about him going into this season as he takes the starting reins from Connor Shaw. Spurrier’s not worried.

–Spurrier did address several injuries on his team, namely Mike Matulis (knee) and Jamari Smith (foot). We knew coming in that Smith was done for the year and will return as a redshirt freshman in 2015, but the news is more encouraging for Matulis.

Then there’s the big one, running back Mike Davis, and the news looks good on him as well.

–As far as strategy, Spurrier hopes to control the clock, contingent on getting ahead on the scoreboard first, though.

–Other quips from the coach: