Gamecocks QB Brendan Nosovitch to transfer? Maybe, maybe not


UPDATE, 8/8, 10:35am: Is Brendan Nosovitch transferring or is he staying? Multiple reports said that he was at practice today.

UPDATE, 8/8, 11:55am:Heating up. Nosovitch took some plays at TE in practice today. The meter’s leaning towards staying, it looks like–at least for now–as maybe he slept on his decision.

We’ll keep you posted here and on Twitter.

Rumors have been swirling the past few days that backup quarterback Brendan Nosovitch may be transferring from South Carolina, and they were apparently confirmed last night as it was reported by that he would be leaving the program.

Nosovitch came to the Gamecocks out of Pennsylvania as their Player of the Year and a member of Parade All-American football team. Although he won many awards and set many records, he was not rated that highly and was the 44th overall quarterback in that year’s recruiting class.

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However, since coming to South Carolina, he seems to have garnered much fan support despite limited playing time. He scored a touchdown in last year’s win against Arkansas and completed a couple passes against Coastal Carolina. The real challenge was the amount of talent the team has at quarterback already, and during the spring he was stuck in the fourth string position. According to head coach Steve Spurrier, the other players have just been throwing the ball better overall. However, the coach clearly sees Nosovitch as an athlete, and recently had been trying to get him playing time, but at tight end instead.

This is where the challenge lied for Brendan. He wanted to be a quarterback, and he came to South Carolina to play quarterback. However, with many other good quarterbacks already (including a solid starter in place with Dylan Thompson), the discussion shifted to whether he was willing to consider playing a different position. He has clearly stated in the past that he loved being at South Carolina, but for many players, there is always that desire to play a certain position, regardless of where you are playing it at. Ultimately he has decided to transfer for any opportunity to play quarterback.

It’s a tough situation for any talented athlete to be in. Regardless, it is clear Gamecock fans will support Brendan Nosovitch in his decision, knowing that he wants to play here, but the timing to be here as a quarterback just may not be right.