Not even Jadeveon Clowney can escape eviction notices


With all the honors and achievements Jadeveon Clowney has received (All-American as a sophomore, first overall pick in the NFL Draft, etc.), even he has to settle his financial accounts.

According to WIS-TV in Columbia, Clowney and his mother have had an eviction notice filed against them:

"Columbia property owners filed an eviction notice against Jadeveon Clowney and his mother Josenna this week, according to court records.Landmark Resources, LLC, who own Carolina Walk condos on South Stadium Road, filed a rule to vacate civil complaint on June 30, court records show.…It’s not clear why the property owners want to evict Clowney."

On one hand, the thought process is this: Come on, Carolina Walk. The man has more important things to worry about, like rehabbing from a hernia. He’s one of the most decorated athletes in South Carolina history. Don’t you know who he is?

On the other hand, Clowney probably should have kept a little better track of something like this. He has plenty of money now, though, and he should be able to get this squared away in short order, hopefully. He could probably buy the condos, erect a statue in the front grass of him blasting Michigan’s Vincent Smith and still have money left over.

Yes, this is what we cover at Garnet and Cocky during the dead period.

UPDATE: Apparently the whole thing was resolved yesterday and a local magistrate overturned the notice, so all’s good with Clowney now.