Garnet and Cocky’s Upset Specials


September 10, 2011; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson (16) drops back to pass in the fourth quarter against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Mark Schlabach gave his upset special this week at ESPN (from inside of a storage closet), and he thinks the Missouri Tigers are going to knock off South Carolina at home Saturday.

He’s wrong, but he’s right to say there will be an upset this week.

If I were a betting man (which I’m not. When it comes to sports anyway. The Odds on Lindsay Lohan’s next arrest, though…), I’d put my money on Michigan knocking off Notre Dame.

Michigan, to me, is the best team in the Big 10. Notre Dame, to me, is at best a 9 win team. Denard Robinson loves playing the Fighting Irish, and although ND looked really, really, good against Michigan State, I believe they’re too young on offense to keep up with a Wolverine squad that will put points up on the Green and Gold.

Score prediction: Michigan 31 Notre Dame 20.

This next pick is a risky one, but I believe in it enough to put it online for the masses to see.

My super-duper upset-special-rama-extravaganza is Virginia over TCU.

Why? Because I’m crazy.

Virginia’s coming off a bad loss to Georgia Tech, they barely beat Penn State, and their defense is giving up 30 points per game.

But I’m not crazy.

They’ve got a good quarterback, three receivers that already have 100 yards receiving and a decent stable of running backs.

Why am I really picking the upset here, though?

Because I’m bold.

Honestly, it’s because TCU hasn’t played anyone this year, and they haven’t looked that great against the no-ones that they’ve played. 20-6 over Kansas? Please.

Yes, the game is in Texas, but it’s at Noon, it’s a game against a weak opponent scrunched in between games against weak opponents, and Virginia is going to head into Horned Frog Country and go up early, and score enough to keep TCU from coming back.

It was really hard to convince myself of all that, but I’m sticking with it.

Don’t put anything on either game, but if you were to bet, throw your money at Michigan.